Take5 Remixer

Take5 Remixer

Take5 invented a playable packaging for their snack bars. The ink on this box was electro conductive and played one part of a custom created set of loops. The music track behind this is the full song with all of the loops played.

For this shoot, I was the Director of Photography as well as the editor. To save on budget, Hershey also elected to have me color correct this shoot. I was glad to get the opportunity to do so much on one video.

Planet Fitness

Working at an agency comes with making many, many prototype spots for pitches and meetings. This set, however, I felt was a little more than just a prototype. We built a set, constructed props, wrote scripts, lit, filmed, edited, colored and finished these spots for an unsuccessful pitch of Planet Fitness. I'm proud of how they turned out, and I think they are fun work.

Bonus fact: I was the gaffer on this, and I'm pretty proud of it.


Director/Editor: Michael Martin
Agency: Barkley