Missouri Lottery

In the winter of 2015, Barkley was asked to produce a line of online spots to promote their Holiday Scratchers. This campaign was to run online only, but the client fell in love; air time was purchased and these ran on broadcast. Merry Christmas to me!

The campaign was conceived at Barkley and produced by the internal team. I directed all of these spots while enlisting Northpass Media to help with production. I was able to help shape the voice-over in the booth with the talent based on some old Miller Lite spots, I'm sure we all remember. The project allowed me to work with animal talent, prop-masters, site scouts, and some really great gaff work. It was a tight schedule, but we made it happen. I was even able to design some motion for the end tag.


Director: Michael Martin
Director of Photography: Reid Bangert
Assistant Camera/Edit: Nick Stout
Agency: Barkley
Art Director: David Hahn


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