Dice - Hack It

Dice, a tech recruiting company, challenged hackers to infiltrate their billboards for a chance to live like tech billionaires. Barkley teamed up with Dice and created an elaborate system of codes, puzzles, cryptology and games for hackers. The goal was to break into four fully developed websites for fake businesses. The top winners got to choose a prize that gave them a taste of the billionaire lifestyle.

These videos showcase three of those winners. Two dinners that include a $1,000 ticket and a billionaire's take on pizza. One winner spent the majority of his day on a wild commute to work via helicopter.


Director: Michael Martin
Editor: Michael Martin
Agency: Barkley
Client: Dice
Producer: Shawn Wallace/Jim Leonard
Director of Photography: Jake Brusha
Gaff/Electric: Guillaume Le Mezo
Color: 19 Below