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This summer I would like to invite 5 high school students to shadow me at TwoSeam Films in Kansas City, Missouri from June 10th - 14th. We will meet every morning at 9am and wrap up each day with lunch for everyone. I’ve had a tremendous amount of support from the time I was a kid and I would LOVE to give some support back to those who are about to leave school and find careers or continue their education. Below are a list of application requirements and some information about what we will be doing day-by-day.

For the most part this mentorship is about exposure. When I was growing up I had no clue someone could make a living producing videos. I am the child of a school teacher and a blue collar worker and there are plenty of other kids, just like me, who just need to see what’s possible. In addition to some great field trips, we will also have the opportunity to see what the daily business is like working for yourself and the amount of work that it takes to own a company.





Events of the week:

  • Learn about production equipment

  • Visit a post production company

  • Visit an advertising agency

  • Sit in on actual client meetings

  • Observe An editing session

  • Observe a voice over session

  • Learn about budgets and pitches

  • Learn all of the jobs of a film set and post production

  • Visit an active FULL production site


This list may change as we get closer to the actual mentorship week but these will be the main focus. I would love to show those accepted how everything from pitch to production to final product works. The main goal of the program is understand exactly how someone would turn an interest in video into an actual job/career.

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Who should apply?

Ideally, you should be someone who has some general interest in working in video production professionally. It is not required that you have previous experience with video production or editing. I would love to find someone who currently or previously attended a Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas School. More important than any of these items is that you are super excited to learn. You should ask questions. You should have immense curiosity.

If you are excited by this point, YOU are probably the ideal candidate. I will be taking applications through MAY 3rd, 2019 and I will notify the folks who are accepted by May 10th, 2019.


  • Graduated OR Scheduled to graduate high school within 12 months

  • Have a parent or legal guardian who can sign a permission slip

  • If you are over 18 you MUST sign a permission/release form

  • Have the ability and transportation to meet at my office in the West Bottoms, KC

  • Write a 1 page/500ish word essay about who you are an why you’d like to take this mentorship


You may also fill out all of the below information and send it to

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Permission Form *
I have a parent or legal guardian willing to sign a permission form. If you are over 18, are you willing to sign for yourself?
One page or 500ish words on who you are and why you would like to be included in this mentorship program.