Below are a list of locations and businesses that I believe would fit in well with the series of videos you’ve begun producing. I think we could easily obtain a few of these shots at each locations very easily and quickly. We should be able to hit 4-5 locations per shoot day. These locations are not listed in any particular order.


01. Arthur Bryant’s BBQ

One of the oldest BBQ joints in town. Visited by presidents and common folk. Located in a historically black neighborhood in KCMO.


02. Gates BBQ

Another BBQ joint that is one of them most iconic of the city. They’ve been around forever and have the best sauce on the planet. My opinion.


03. Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

A more recent BBQ behemoth. They are the new kid on the block but revered by celebrities and average Joes alike. Located in a gas station in KCK.


04. The Scout

One of the most iconic statues in the city. It’s on every print ad, tv spot, sports broadcast. You’ve all prob seen it before but it is an icon, nonetheless.

05. 18th & Vine District

One of the most understated areas in town. The cradle of Jazz music not only in KC but in the world. Every jazz cat on the planet played in this district in the 20s-80s. Located in a historically black part of town it highlights some of the historic segregation that distinctly marks the city.


06. Murals on Troost

Again, on the historically black side of town, these murals line Troost up and down the city. MLK, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Parker all decorate these buildings.


07. The West Bottoms

Historically, the West Bottoms was the beginning of the city. Cattle trade and railways started the beginning of large-scale commerce in the city. It became vacant and rundown long ago but in recent years a retail revival has made this a hip spot again. Boulevardia is also held down here.


08. Boulevard Brewery

One of the original craft breweries in the midwest. Boulevard is an icon to the city. There are plenty of new craft breweries in town but this is the gold standard.

09. Westport

A commercial and entertainment portion of the city is in Westport. TONS of shops, restaurants, bars etc. This is where the younger folks spend their weekends.


10. Liberty Memorial

The crown jewel of the country’s only WWI monument, Liberty Memorial overlooks the entire skyline.


11. Midland Theatre

One of the older theatres in the city was renovated and updated by Arvest Bank in the last decade. Most of the big shows that come through town stop here if they are not large enough for the Sprint Center. Concert venue to the stars.


12. Uptown Theatre

Another historic music theatre in the city. Located in Midtown.

13. Downtown Library

One of the most visually unique and fun buildings in the city. This library is right in the heart of downtown. Def an icon but also not known to everyone because… its a library… and that’s a shame.

15. Plaza Fountains

You’ve seen them on everything. Def one of the most iconic features in the “City of Fountains”

16. River Market Signs

A recent revival district, the River Market hosts an open air shopping mall and farmer’s market. This area is hip, cool and fun for everyone. Also an older part of the city.

17. Swope Park

One of the largest parks in the entire city.

18. KC Zoo

The Zoo is where you’d find almost every family throughout the summer.

19. Union Station

Another icon known to all, in and out of the city. A working train station and shopping plaza. Hosts science


20. Shuttle Cocks/Nelson Atkins

A completely free of charge and world class art museum located near The Plaza. Claus Oldenberg’s shuttlecock installations are pretty iconic to KC.

21. Kaufman Performing Arts

Installed within the last 10 years. Two sonically separate performance halls for orchestra, band, dance, any and all performing arts. The inside is as breathtaking as you’ve ever seen.

22. KC Star Building

Home to the largest news publication in the city. This is the second site of the KC Star. Located in the middle of the crossroads/downtown districts. Bit of trivia: Ernest Hemmingway’s first paid writing job was for this paper.

23. Western Auto Sign

This sign is famous for just being a sign. Welcome to KC! It was recently completely renovated to be 100% LED lights and is more gorgeous than ever. You’ll find this in almost every KC Photographer’s portfolio.


24. Bartle Hall

Art installed right on the skyline of KCMO. What could be better? These installations are pretty recognizable on KC’s small skyline.

25. Crown Center

Family friendly shopping and convention center area in town. Tons of water features. Lots of foot traffic.


26. KCP&L Building

One of the most striking buildings in the skyline. Originally home to the KCP&L power and utility company. It has been converted into high end lofts and apartments. Def a visual icon of KCMO.