Dice held a contest for young tech talent with their out-of-home advertising. The prize was for the winners to live like tech millionaires. The winners had to hack into a digital billboard the dice placed in the wild. One winner chose to have his daily commute to work be on a helicopter. 

The twist for our video is that the commute on a helicopter actually take MUCH longer than the winner's normal routine. He has to wake up much earlier to get to the location of the helicopter, drive further once he lands, and by the time he gets to work, it will nearly be time to start the process over to get back home.


Part road trip doc, part comedy, part travel montage. This video feels quirky and intentional. Overall, the prize is ludicrous. the video is aware of this but presents itself as being visually controlled and meticulous. Everything happening around the video is rediculous and will feel more so, with this contrast.

 The video begins with the contest winner mid flight having the time of his life. Supers explain what is happening and why we are in a helicopter. Abruptly, the video cuts back to 05:30 am and begins the groggy process of preparing for this much longer commute. We follow our winner as he gets ready, gets picked up by a limo, take his helicopter ride, gets into another limo, drives to work and finally arrives. Once he is there we will see various clips of his coworkers giving us soundbites about the day. When he sits down he begin his day it is time get back up and head to the limo for the helicopter home. The video ends with our hero on his way back home, off into the sunset.


Camera Direction


The shoot will be very run-and-gun and have a docu-style feel. I would love to pepper in a few very composed shots into the mix. I think this will elevate our video beyond a simple execution. Symmetrical frames, one point perspectives, center framing would be great starting points. I like the thought of some very controlled camera work cut with the craziness of a helicopter ride.

We won't be able to rely on it all the time but I love the idea of leaving a lot of wide shots in the final edit. Letting the helicopter come in from out of frame. Seeing the winner crossing the shot in the background. Make the journey feel huge and larger than life. All of it should feel fun and intentional. These shots will compliment all of the other handheld stuff that will cover most of the content. 


Beat Sheet


  • Open on helicopter crazy moment
  • TITLE: Dice challenged tech pros to hack their billboards for a chance to live like a tech billionaire
  • Early morning. Groggy. slow to get the day started  **TIMESTAMPED**
  • Interview of Pilot and driver underneath footage of winner getting ready, looking tired.
  • Exit to limo
  • Ride to airport **TIMESTAMPED**
  • Intro the winner. Name, background, thoughts on the commute
  • Arrive at airport and discuss how he hacked the billboard
  • Load into chopper
  • Cut to office, empty desk, people buzzing around office. **TIMESTAMPED**
  • Cut to a CRAZY shot of him enjoying the ride
  • Montage of city/flying
  • Arrive at office unload from chopper and into office **TIMESTAMPED**
  • Sound bites from coworkers
  • Sound bite of winner saying he needs to get going to catch his ride **TIMESTAMPED**
  • Montage of winner getting back to the chopper
  • See winner hop on the chopper and fly off
  • End