Michael Martin

Filmmaker + Art Director

I am a creative freelancer. Filmmaking and Art Direction are his two primary areas of concentration. I've been in the advertising industry for four years. Before my time in advertising I spent 3 years at a post production house. In that time I was able to work with a variety of great clients and produce some really enjoyable work.

I earned my B.F.A. in 2010 with an emphasis in painting. In that time I also worked as a print designer and have a fierce love for typography and design, in general. I bring these skills to my filmmaking and do my best to incorporate an understanding of Fine Art and visual communication in all of my video. When I do have the chance to work with a dedicated team or an agency, my background helps inform my work in a unique way. I believe i have a great perspective of understanding art and advertising together as one.

One of my most successful ventures was owning and operating Bumpleft, a retail brand inspired by Kansas City. The brand grew around the success of our baseball team and took my on the ride of my life. Everything from product design, branding, social assets to book keeping and delivery was run by yours truly. It was the most I've ever worked in my entire life and I am more proud of that project than any other, thus far. On a sunny day out at The K, I still see my t-shirts being worn by baseball fans. That is the most rewarding outcome of anything I've ever created.




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