Handmade. Solid Wood. Custom Furniture.

Recently, I got to work together again with an old friend, Sam Unruh, owner of Unruh Furniture. Sam is a furniture craftsman here in Kansas City, Missouri. All of his pieces are custom, hand made by him or one of his four employees. Every piece of furniture is 100% solid wood and is hand crafted from boards to finish. These piece are built to last and built to order. Every piece offers over 10,000 different options, ensuring you can find a piece that is unique to you and your home. You can read about Sam’s beginnings from a story we did a few years back, by clicking here.

The music for the video was provided by Sweet Martha. They are a local group, here in Kansas City, Missouri. They are pretty great and offer a few free tracks on their Band Camp page or on theirFacebook page. Check them out as well!

This video was fun to work on and is hopefully the beginning of several more pieces focused on Sam and his crew. They are great guys who make a great product. You should check them out at http://www.unruhfurniture.com and find a piece to fit your home.