Unruh Vignettes

These videos are a series of 4 short vignettes of key elements to Unruh furniture. Some specific advantages and unique qualities are singled out. We show the Unruh Showroom, The Construction, The Finish and (maybe most importantly) The People who make the whole company run. Each one of these videos shows you EXACTLY why Unruh Furniture is where the next important piece of your home comes from and why Sam and his crew can't wait to meet you and be part of your story. 

We were lucky enough to, again, use the music of Sweet Martha. Honestly, cannot say enough about the talent of these two musicians. It's so great to work with a Kansas City company and be able to use Kansas City Music. This video is truly a compilation of a lot of Kansas City talent.

Our color was also a Kansas City based effort. I would like to extend a special thanks to Justin Roberts of 19Below.tv for Directing the Photography and engineering the color for these projects. Justin and I worked together on several projects in the past and I am alway pleased with the outcome. Justin is a full time motion designer and colorist working at 19 Below. Thanks again Justin!.