Sweet Martha - Woe to Him Who Leaves It

I have some very talented friends. It is beyond inspiring to be near people who create things this beautiful. Music comes naturally for Sweet Martha and the tune has a presence that needs nearly no embellishment. 

With this video, we wanted to put out some music for the holiday and show the world a little more or Sweet Martha. When performers sound as lovely as these two, I try my best to stay out of the way as much as possible. This is not a very highly orchestrated video as it is much more focused on the actual performance of Bradley and Kaitlyn. 

We found a spot at Kaitlyn's house with good sound, placed one single microphone in the room and did a few takes of the entire song. This video is comprised of one take. I used a very minimal amount of editing only to cover my camera mistakes. Rest assured, if you see Sweet Martha in concert, This is EXACTLY what they sound like. 

Oh yeah, they also play Smokey Robinson tunes. You know, because they can. This was also a one-take audio recording. Check below.