New Site for a New Chapter!

I've been expanding the brand in the last few months. Working late, working weekends. Making sure to give as much energy as I can to this brand. I would love to see it take off someday and I believe I am sewing the proper seeds to make sure that happens.

Most anyone reading this will be unfamiliar with my story thus far.  So...

I am a designer and artist living and working in the crossroads district of Kansas City Missouri. I began this brand in 2013 as mostly video production and motion design. I tried to use Bumpleft as a motivation to continually make work. Gotta get my 10,000 hours in somehow.

In the fall of 2014, something magical happened ,My FAVORITE sport saw my FAVORITE team reach the pinnacle of it's competition. The Kansas City Royals made one of the most incredible playoff runs in recent vintage and successfully clinched a spot in the World Series. 

In the wake and excitement of (what honestly has been) the most exciting time of my life I came up with the Skyline T Shirt design. I mostly just wanted the shirt for myself. A few friends and family began expressing interest to have a shirt for themselves and we began printing. I suppose the city really enjoyed my design as I have sold out of them several times and have now started an entire line of clothing and accessories to go along with the design.

The future for Bumpleft is exciting. I like to think of it more as a ship with its sails up. We have a map but nothing binding us to a heading. I work in graphic design, video, motion design, music, painting, printing, apparel design and event coordination. I would really like to see Bumpleft become a pretty inclusive brand. Maybe someday it will be a household name. 

My goals are set high. I aim to achieve them. 

In the coming months, expect new products a new design and maybe a new look/feel to the brand itself. There are a lot of great things happening and I have a lot of great support around me. This support includes my family, my friends and most of all my partner in crime, Mandy Graf. Thank you and I love you.

- M.