Bradley Rader - Otis Run

This is the music video for the song “Otis Run” by Brad Rader. We are pretty excited to get this video out! Work began on this video beginning in the winter of 2012 and we have been sitting on it for a while.   The video is our first complete project and we are really excited for everyone to see it and look forward to feedback… Thanks for visiting. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @bumpleft and check back for more exciting stuff! Bumpleft is our side project focused on bringing all things culture and lifestyle to the internet. Now, we know that is something a lot of places already bring to the table. We are hoping you enjoy our point of view and maybe stop buy from time-to-time and maybe tell your friends. We love what we do, we hope it shows.


The video was a collaboration between Bumpleft and Brad Rader. Brad is a local Kansas City musician whom we’ve known for several years. Brad’s voice, obviously, is something that makes women want him while making other men want to be him. In all seriousness, Brad is a wonderful singer. Aside from his voice Brad is a fledgeling historian, a motorcycle enthusiast and, yes, he has a fantastic beard. Behind the beard is a songwriter.

“Brad’s voice, obviously, is something that makes women want him while making other men want to be him.”

Brad wrote this song about an unconventional relationship in a fictional town of the past. Since penning these lyrics and recording this version, Brad has since recruited to additional bandmates and moved forward musically. That being said, this particular song has evolved. (Apologies, thats on us for waiting so long to release this song.) So, if you happen to see Brad live, this song may sound different. Editorial: We still think this version is great too!


The video was shot on two Canon 7d MkIIs with several zoom lenses and a trusty 50mm Canon prime. We began planing the video in the Fall of 2012 and originally scheduled an entire second section to the video but due to production issues we had to cut the video to a vignette of Brad’s performance. The video was a blast to shoot, aside from the freezing mornings. Special thanks to Daniel Martin for being our grip and sound man. He was a great help and the video wouldn’t be possible without him.


Director/Editor: Michael Martin
Director of Photography: Justin Roberts
Grip/Sound: Daniel Martin
Locations: Connor Cable