Unruh Vignettes

These videos are a series of 4 short vignettes of key elements to Unruh furniture. Some specific advantages and unique qualities are singled out. We show the Unruh Showroom, The Construction, The Finish and (maybe most importantly) The People who make the whole company run. Each one of these videos shows you EXACTLY why Unruh Furniture is where the next important piece of your home comes from and why Sam and his crew can't wait to meet you and be part of your story. 

We were lucky enough to, again, use the music of Sweet Martha. Honestly, cannot say enough about the talent of these two musicians. It's so great to work with a Kansas City company and be able to use Kansas City Music. This video is truly a compilation of a lot of Kansas City talent.

Our color was also a Kansas City based effort. I would like to extend a special thanks to Justin Roberts of 19Below.tv for Directing the Photography and engineering the color for these projects. Justin and I worked together on several projects in the past and I am alway pleased with the outcome. Justin is a full time motion designer and colorist working at 19 Below. Thanks again Justin!.

Sweet Martha - Woe to Him Who Leaves It

I have some very talented friends. It is beyond inspiring to be near people who create things this beautiful. Music comes naturally for Sweet Martha and the tune has a presence that needs nearly no embellishment. 

With this video, we wanted to put out some music for the holiday and show the world a little more or Sweet Martha. When performers sound as lovely as these two, I try my best to stay out of the way as much as possible. This is not a very highly orchestrated video as it is much more focused on the actual performance of Bradley and Kaitlyn. 

We found a spot at Kaitlyn's house with good sound, placed one single microphone in the room and did a few takes of the entire song. This video is comprised of one take. I used a very minimal amount of editing only to cover my camera mistakes. Rest assured, if you see Sweet Martha in concert, This is EXACTLY what they sound like. 

Oh yeah, they also play Smokey Robinson tunes. You know, because they can. This was also a one-take audio recording. Check below.

New Site for a New Chapter!

I've been expanding the brand in the last few months. Working late, working weekends. Making sure to give as much energy as I can to this brand. I would love to see it take off someday and I believe I am sewing the proper seeds to make sure that happens.

Most anyone reading this will be unfamiliar with my story thus far.  So...

I am a designer and artist living and working in the crossroads district of Kansas City Missouri. I began this brand in 2013 as mostly video production and motion design. I tried to use Bumpleft as a motivation to continually make work. Gotta get my 10,000 hours in somehow.

In the fall of 2014, something magical happened ,My FAVORITE sport saw my FAVORITE team reach the pinnacle of it's competition. The Kansas City Royals made one of the most incredible playoff runs in recent vintage and successfully clinched a spot in the World Series. 

In the wake and excitement of (what honestly has been) the most exciting time of my life I came up with the Skyline T Shirt design. I mostly just wanted the shirt for myself. A few friends and family began expressing interest to have a shirt for themselves and we began printing. I suppose the city really enjoyed my design as I have sold out of them several times and have now started an entire line of clothing and accessories to go along with the design.

The future for Bumpleft is exciting. I like to think of it more as a ship with its sails up. We have a map but nothing binding us to a heading. I work in graphic design, video, motion design, music, painting, printing, apparel design and event coordination. I would really like to see Bumpleft become a pretty inclusive brand. Maybe someday it will be a household name. 

My goals are set high. I aim to achieve them. 

In the coming months, expect new products a new design and maybe a new look/feel to the brand itself. There are a lot of great things happening and I have a lot of great support around me. This support includes my family, my friends and most of all my partner in crime, Mandy Graf. Thank you and I love you.

- M.

Unruh Furniture - Story of a Table

I had another great opportunity to work with Unruh Furniture. This video is a story about a table and what it can mean to a home. This video was a lot of fun to shoot and work on. Every once and a while, it’s a lot of fun to make something that your mom will like. This is one of those types of videos.

Please enjoy the video and if you are interested in my other work with Sam, check out these other posts >>



Unruh Furniture Introduction

Handmade. Solid Wood. Custom Furniture.

Recently, I got to work together again with an old friend, Sam Unruh, owner of Unruh Furniture. Sam is a furniture craftsman here in Kansas City, Missouri. All of his pieces are custom, hand made by him or one of his four employees. Every piece of furniture is 100% solid wood and is hand crafted from boards to finish. These piece are built to last and built to order. Every piece offers over 10,000 different options, ensuring you can find a piece that is unique to you and your home. You can read about Sam’s beginnings from a story we did a few years back, by clicking here.

The music for the video was provided by Sweet Martha. They are a local group, here in Kansas City, Missouri. They are pretty great and offer a few free tracks on their Band Camp page or on their Facebook page. Check them out as well!

This video was fun to work on and is hopefully the beginning of several more pieces focused on Sam and his crew. They are great guys who make a great product. You should check them out at http://www.unruhfurniture.com and find a piece to fit your home.